Babies Are Cosmic: Signs of Their Secret Intelligence (Review)

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Titus Rivas   (publicatiedatum: 6 December, 2019)


Book review by Titus Rivas of Babies Are Cosmic: Signs of Their Secret Intelligence by Elizabeth Carman en Neil Carman.


Book Review Elizabeth Carman and Neil Carman. Babies Are Cosmic: Signs of Their Secret Intelligence. 2019. ISBN 978-0960071302

Elizabeth and Neil Carman have been known for years for their voluminous books about pre-existence memories of primarily young children. In their newest work, Babies Are Cosmic, this phenomenon remains a central subject, but it is part of a new outlook on babies and unborn fetuses.
The authors have succeeded in discussing all relevant, often controversial fields of investigation (both in the West, in Japan and elsewhere) and in sufficiently acknowledging the need for representative examples. This way, they try to debunk many unfounded myths about infants. The list of subjects would get too long if I mentioned each and every one of them here. Instead, I’ll limit myself to a few examples: selecting the parents from a spiritual realm, contacts with deceased personalities who died before the child was conceived, and paranormal memories of medical operations during pregnancy, abortions and miscarriages.
The standard materialistic view on babies is usually accompanied by a denial of their mental capabilities. Fortunately hardly anyone doubts their ability to feel pain nowadays, but in the past babies were commonly submitted to surgery and circumcised without anesthesia! The theory that babies can remember experiences is still being contested by certain “experts” though. This is related to a central materialistic myth, which states that you can’t do without a working and developed brain to experience anything whatsoever and to store what you experience in memory. The Carmans demonstrate that there is every reason to consider babes and fetuses respectable human beings in a physical body. It is unacceptable to ignore the mental riches of young children and to be closed-minded about their statements concerning a spiritual world where they claim to have come from. The authors point to important correspondences between memories of a spiritual pre-existence and near-death experiences.
They also stress children’s individuality that does not develop after their birth, but constitutes a constant factor that precedes the present life and was already there in a spiritual world or possible previous incarnations. They make sure their image of a personal evolution is not limited to the present earthly existence, and always refer to relevant investigations and veridical (confirmed paranormal) cases.
Babies Are Cosmic is not a book you want to read straight through. It is simply too extensive and detailed for that.This really is a treatise you need to read in several phases.
In terms of content, there is only one point that I did not like so much, namely memories in toddlers of the time they would have competed as a s perm cell with numerous other sperm cells during the fertilization of the ovum Not only is this supposed recollection so unspecific that any verification seems impossible, but the whole idea simply does not fit the concept of babies as spiritual beings in a physical form. If a spiritual being would be linked to a specific spermatozoon, this suggests it also originated in that sperm cell. But this is incompatible with memories of a spiritual pre-existence or previous lives. It rather belongs with popular (materialistic) ideas of the origin of individual human beings.
Nevertheless this book is doubtlessly very informative again and anyone with a basic interest in pediatrics, developmental psychology, and personal spiritual evolution should read it, in my opinion. It also contains funny cartoons by Paul James Morehead Jr. that clarify what the Carmans want to convey.

Titus Rivas

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